martedì 19 novembre 2013

Green Faery Nymph Necklace

This is a unique necklace,only one piece- OOAK

This necklace it's inspired from the enchant of the wild woodlans,and from the magical of the arboreal creatures secretly hidden in it.
This necklace it's for a beautiful green Nymph!
It's made of ALPACCHA, a silver color metal,braided and hand hammered.
Ther's a lot of spirals and weaves,made in silvery copper wire.
Ther's some beautiful flowers and leaves charms,and ther's some natural gemsones: a bouquet of three little pieces: a pearl, a turquise stones and a silver bead.
Ther's some green Amazonite: a multi sfacetated one,and a raw piece.
the necklace it's adjustable and adaptable of every neck measures.

Totally handmad with love!

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