martedì 19 novembre 2013

FAIRY ORNAMENT Wind chime wire mobile

This is a hanging ornament mobile,wind chime,inspired from the Fairies Magic.
It's a wirework,totally handmade,made in alpaccha(a silver color metal) and silver copper wire.Ther's some metal charms: a beatiuful Fairy,a little butterfly ,a mystical key,a dragonfly,a little silver ball,and a delicate flower....
in this little Fairyland,ther's a lot of spirals,weawes,and magical gemstones flowers,blue and white.
Ther's some natural gemstones,two rockcristals,and at the end of a metal chain, ther's a multisfaceted amethist and a silver fairy bell .
Total hight of the mobile,is about 41 cm.
The diameter of wire circle it's about 13cm.

Handmade with love!

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